Pedagogía con Respeto: Pairing Languages and Standards to Advance Student Learning (2-day workshop)


This two-day bilingual workshop uses an interactive and hands on approach to connect the theoretical and pedagogical foundations of the WIDA language development standards for Spanish and English to instruction and assessment in the bilingual classroom. Participants will reflect on current practice to determine ways to leverage the WIDA standards and related tools, such as Los Descriptores Podemos and Can Do Descriptors, to inform curriculum design, instruction and assessment.  The workshop also engages participants in discussions about unique language practices of multilinguals, such as translanguaging, and ways educators can align Spanish and English instruction across their program.


This workshop is designed for Spanish/English bilingual K-12 educators, administrators and support staff with some or little experience using the WIDA Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards.


  • Maximize the linguistic assets and strengths of multilingual students, including the practice of translanguaging.
  • Plan for instruction and assessment across two languages.
  • Integrate academic content standards, Spanish Language Development Standards, and English Language Development Standards


Day 1

Morning Session

  • Welcome
  • Nuestro Camino al Bilingüismo: Reflecting on language and identity
  • Translanguaging as a Pedagogical Practice
  • WIDA Framework: Guiding Principles and Can Do Philosophy


Afternoon Session

  • Language Use in Academic Contexts
  • Planning for Instruction and Assessment

Day 2

Morning Session

  • Performance Definitions: Examining Student Writing
  • Key Uses of Language


Afternoon Session

  • Extending Learning
  • Planning for Instruction and Assessment
  • Closing