Pedagogía con Respeto: Exploring Spanish Language Development (2-hour webinar)


This bilingual webinar uses an interactive approach to introduce the theoretical and pedagogical foundations of the WIDA Spanish Language Development Framework. Participants will reflect on current practice to determine ways to apply the WIDA Standards and related tools, such as Las definiciones de desempeño, to inform instruction and assessment.


This webinar is designed for Spanish/English bilingual K-12 teachers, administrators and support staff with little or no experience using the WIDA Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore multilingual students’ language use and the demands present in language use within academic contexts
  • Identify components of the WIDA standards for Spanish language development
  • Connect and apply the components of the framework to the teaching and learning context
  • Maximize the linguistic assets and strengths of multilingual students

Any cancellations or rescheduling requests for open-enrollment webinars must be received in writing 48 hours in advance of a scheduled webinar start time for a refund. Any requests that come in less than 48 hours in advance will need to contact us to reschedule to attend another webinar date/time.