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WIDA AMS for Screener (1/2 Day)


This training is designed for Test Administrators and District Test Coordinators who are new to WIDA AMS.


This training focuses solely on how to navigate WIDA AMS for administering and scoring the WIDA Screener Online. During this training, participants will work collaboratively to strengthen their understanding of the functions in WIDA AMS for the administration and scoring of Screener Online. Participants will practice all operations required in WIDA AMS to administer and score the WIDA Screener Online using sample accounts and sample students.

This half-day training may be a useful addition to the full-day WIDA Screener Online training. It is designed for participants who have not explored WIDA AMS previously. It is recommended that participants bring a device to the workshop in order to access the WIDA AMS User Guide for a hands-on, interactive training experience. They may also wish to bring a printed version of the manual.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the functionality of WIDA AMS and how to navigate it
  • Add users and assign permissions
  • Add students to student management
  • Create test sessions and print test tickets
  • Access student responses and enter scores in Screener scoring
  • Generate Screener Online score reports
  • Locate additional resources on the WIDA website

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