Purposeful Lesson Planning for Language Learners (2 full days)


This workshop is designed for general classroom teachers and English language specialists who share instructional responsibility for language learners. No experience in using the WIDA Standards Framework is needed for this workshop.


This two-day workshop is designed to enhance participants’ lesson planning processes. During the workshop, participants will examine seven essential elements that attend to the needs of English language learners. In particular, participants will focus on creating contexts for meaningful language use within settings that integrate content learning and academic language development. Participants will utilize tools and resources from the WIDA Standards Framework to assist them in designing instruction that promotes content learning and language development.

Participants will be able to:

  • Explore and connect lesson planning considerations for English language learners to their instructional contexts/materials and reflect on implementation in their classroom.
  • Identify the strengths as well as language development and learning needs for groups of students.
  • Discuss the influence of sociocultural context and identity on student language learning.
  • Leverage WIDA’s Key Uses to create meaningful contexts for language use connected to content concepts and skills.
  • Consider the developmental nature of language learning when planning lessons.
  • Identify the academic language demands embedded in grade level tasks and lessons.
  • Develop language objectives connected to content learning.
  • Explore how supports can be used to engage language learners at all proficiency levels.
  • Integrate reading, writing, listening and speaking opportunities into their lessons.


Day 1

Morning Session

    • Introductions and logistics
    • Analyze a lesson in action
    • Explore lesson planning elements for content learning and language development
    • Identify students’ strengths using the Can Do philosophy

Afternoon Session

    • Analyze how sociocultural context and student identity influence language learning
    • Develop meaningful contexts for language use

Day 2

Morning Session

    • Review key ideas from day 1
    • Analyze a lesson in action
    • Explore the language development process
    • Identify language connected to content learning

Afternoon Session

    • Develop language objectives aligned to content learning
    • Examine the use of supports for language learners
    • Explore the integration of all language domains into a lesson

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