Engaging English Language Learners in Science (2 full days)


This workshop is designed for educators with all levels of experience with the WIDA Standards Framework, including those new to WIDA tools and resources.


This interactive two-day workshop offers teachers of English Language Learners time to delve into combining English Language Development Standards and Science Practices. In collaborative groups of educators, we will develop a common understanding of academic language in a science and engineering environment. After developing a common understanding of language expectations, we will explore strategies and supports that foster a language rich environment. Through hands-on experimentation and analysis of language embedded within the content and practices, participants will have a deeper understanding of how to engage language learners of a variety of proficiency levels. The workshop will conclude with participants using a planning tool that will help them apply the process to their lessons.

Participants will be able to:

  • Create a common understanding of Academic Language and proficiency levels
  • Have a deeper understanding of the Science and Engineering Practices
  • Engage in instructional strategies that support creating language rich environments for students to create meaning in the science and engineering classroom
  • Apply targeted supports for a variety of proficiency levels


Day 1

Morning Session

    • Introductions and engineering challenge
    • Process overview
    • Core ideas
    • Crosscutting concepts/Crosscutting language demands

Afternoon Session

    • Practices of science and engineering
    • Academic language moves in the classroom

Day 2

Morning Session

    • Welcome and inclusion
    • Review of Day 1
    • Applying the process through sample lesson
    • Aligning model lesson-a process

Afternoon Session

    • Applying the process to your lesson/lab
    • Interactive share-out

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