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Attending to Equity through Bilingual Instruction (Webinar series)

This webinar series will invite participants to explore instructional planning for the bilingual classroom from an asset-based perspective, recognizing that emergent bilinguals bring many contributions to the school community. Specifically, participants will discuss bilingual students’ dynamic identities and communicative repertoires in the classroom. This workshop will connect ways educators can intentionally maximize the
linguistic practices of emergent bilinguals through a multimodal approach to teaching and learning.

Participants will collaborate to analyze instruction that is guided by the sociocultural context and is reflective of emergent bilinguals’ linguistic and cultural practices.

This bilingual webinar series is designed for educators serving emergent bilinguals. It engages educators in a
guided and interactive analysis of instructional practices that elevate and honor emergent bilinguals’ assets.

• Recognize the value of emergent bilinguals’ assets to reflect on language ideologies
• Analyze ways to create meaningful contexts for language use connected to content concepts and skills
• Identify and connect lesson planning considerations for emergent bilinguals

Any cancellations or rescheduling requests for open-enrollment webinars must be received in writing 48 hours in advance of a scheduled webinar start time for a refund. Any requests that come in less than 48 hours in advance will need to contact us to reschedule to attend another webinar date/time.

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